The pandemic has led to massive changes in working situations. Many individuals who used to work in an office have been instructed by their employer to telework instead. Some individuals have chosen to work at home due to issues such as health and safety concerns or childcare demands with school closures. Teleworking has both advantages and disadvantages. We seek items that describe what teleworking has meant for you. How have you adjusted to this new work model? How has your job changed because of teleworking? Are you less or more productive in teleworking situations?  In what ways has teleworking enhanced or distracted from your job satisfaction, ability to do your job, and your career development?  What methods have you used to maintain your connection with your colleagues, your productivity, and your participation in team projects? How have you juggled your personal life with your professional life in the same setting? What lessons have you learned from teleworking? Please share your stories, documents, photos, and videos with us and remember to use the hashtag #teleworking.

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