The Environment and The Pandemic: Nature as Healer

Nature is a tremendous healer. Those stuck at home with lockdowns, teleworking, and online learning turned to nature to cope with and heal from the trials of the pandemic. The stress, anxiety, and depression many felt were soothed by the sounds, smells, and sights of our beautiful natural world.

Places of Silence

"Looking at nature brings a balance and hope, as well as leads to the self-reflection, understanding oneself, and one's responsibility to other people."

Stronger Together

"This maze was an activity for families to participate in, and this photo shows just how important it was for Canadians to spend time outside during the global pandemic."

Growth in Quarantine

"I ventured into the woods and saw a whole world that kept continuing amidst the pandemic."

This is a picture of ocean waves approaching a small cove at a beach.

Beach walks - HIST30060

"The enormity of the ocean put things in perspective for me and helped me to ground myself when things were overwhelming."

A person standing on a rock.

Finding Strength in Nature

"We try and hike every weekend to escape our house and take a break from staring at our computers all week long."

Finding Myself Through Walking

"I decided to go walking one morning and I knew right away this would help me."

An asphalt path with trees dotting the path during sunset.

Day at The Lake

"No news, Facebook, or Instagram just you and nature. Trust me it is a good way to keep sane."

The pandemic shouldn't be an excuse for not exercising, but a chance to get your kids moving

The lockdown was a chance for all members of the family to play outdoors.

A picture of two people enjoying hiking in the outdoors.

Get Out!

"Covid is the perfect opportunity to explore your own back yard."

Finding Beauty in a COVID World

"There is such immense beauty that exists in this world. If it weren't for COVID and losing my job I would not have experienced many of these moments."

Nature can boost your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

The benefits nature can provide and how interacting with nature it can improve mental health are explored in this article.

Visitor guide at Canyonland National Park

National parks responded to COVID with safety precautions as well as encouragement to people to enjoy the great outdoors. The effect of the pandemic on national park management and usage has been significant.

Two people walking along a dirt path.

Enjoying Spring at the Park

"Now people of all types and ages frequent the park in an attempt to help normalize and adjust to the changes caused by the pandemic."

Pandemic Hiking, Guadalupe River State Park

"I felt completely renewed as I huffed and puffed back to my car."

An open ocean under a blue sky.

Escaping Reality

“My family and I were going stir crazy so we decided to go out on our boat and take a break from staying inside all day.

'It has become our sanctuary': The calming power of nature in a pandemic

A collection of photographs gathered from around the world by National Geographic illustrates the beauty of nature, changes to the environment during the pandemic, and human appreciation of the natural world.

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