Incarceration is challenging enough, but the COVID-19 pandemic poses a unique risk to inmates, many of whom are confined in close quarters with little or no ability for social distancing. While many facilities have prohibited visitors, inmates are spending more time in their cells than ever before. At some facilities there is a lack of transparency, some families are not informed when their friend, family member, or loved one has tested positive for COVID-19, become sick, or worse  passed away.

If you or someone you know are incarcerated and willing to share your experience, we value your story. We also welcome contributions from those recently released owing to the Coronavirus epidemic.

You can remain anonymous!

Your story, and others, will become part of a collection of stories and experiences about people who are incarcerated during the pandemic. They will be placed within the larger Journal of the Plague Year archive.

You can share images, stories, video, or audio clips. Whatever you want to share, please share!

We will save your story so others understand what you are experiencing now, and it will be saved for others to read in the future.

Alternately, share your story by directing it to us at our  Facebook Page, to @covid19archive1 on Twitter, or to @covid19archive1 on Instagram. Be sure to include the hashtag #lockedupwithcovid for all your submissions.

If you have questions contact Chris Twing, who is the lead on this effort. 

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