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New Hobby Discovered

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DISCLAIMER: This item may have been submitted in response to a school assignment prompt. See Linked Data.
DISCLAIMER: This item may have been submitted in response to a school assignment. See Linked Data.

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My name is Annie Nguyen and during quarantine, I have discovered my love for painting. I soon developed a talent for painting over the months and I curated this skill using the hours freed up by the pandemic. Locked indoors, I had nothing but free time. With free time to spend, I devoted all that time to painting characters from anime series and beloved movies. At first, I would display these painting on my bed mantle. However, I would soon run out of room as I painted more! Then I thought of the genius idea to assemble them as a collage on the side of my dresser. Now as I look at these painting, I am reminded of the positive of this pandemic.

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