Clear Skies

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Clear Skies

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These are two examples of a type of photograph that began appearing all over social media during April 2020. At that point, isolation and quarantine measures had been in place in many parts of the world for weeks or even months. The sudden reduction in traffic had a notable effect on the clarity of the atmosphere in these places. The Los Angeles photo is striking because LA is known for being under a yellow haze of smog to the point where a yellow tinge is associated with the city. The Himalayan Ranges image is striking because it reveals something that was previously invisible. There haven't been many upsides to COVID-19, but the demonstration of how it is within our power to drastically reduce air pollution is a powerful message.
(Posted for class HUM 404)

Creator: (Possibly) Bill Goss and Unknown

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Screenshot of photographs posted on Twitter and Reddit

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Environment and the Pandemic>Pollution

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05/19/2020 CJE

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