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Collected Item: “Esports Tournaments Affected by the Pandemic”

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Esports Tournaments Affected by the Pandemic

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This is a post by the company Hi-Rez on their site for one on their competitive video games, Smite. I originally found it because of a twitter post.

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The pandemic caused this year’s entire season of the Smite Pro League to be played online. Last year they made the change to play everything in person. THe plan was for the World Championship to have been played in-person at the start of 2021. They decided to move it to an online format instead because of the pandemic. I was planning to go to the World Championship in January 2021. I have attended all previous championship tournaments that they have put on. I was looking forward to this one too. As the pandemic was raging on I was really considering if this would be the first year that I would not go. That decision was made for me.
Arizona State University

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#VideoGames, #Esports, #Entertainment, #Games, #OnlineGames, #ASU, #HST485

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This was originally created as a post by the company Hi--Rez.

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