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Collected Item: “COVID Stimulus Check: Grad School in Quarantine”

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COVID Stimulus Check: Grad School in Quarantine (For Mikel to Curate)

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This meme, posted on the popular social media platform Reddit, represented and still represents the feelings of many Americans as they attempted to survive the pandemic with a one time payment of $1,200. For many college students there was no money at all, it is common for parents to still claim their adult children as dependents for tax purposes and because of that their children were not eligible for the stimulus check. Thousands of students, including myself, had to make it through without even the small one-time payment provided by the government. With the pandemic still going strong there is talk of another stimulus but if the same problems with tax status occur again then it won't mean anything to many struggling students.

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#coveryourfangs #HS6301 #COVID19

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TrumpVirus Subreddit: u/HibblyWibbly

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