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Collected Item: “Studying Abroad During the Pandemic & Feelings of Uncertainty”

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Studying Abroad During the Pandemic & Feelings of Uncertainty

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This is an email I sent St. Mary's study abroad coordinator, Raquel, at the end of February while I was studying abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Cases were increasing in surrounding cities and I was beginning to worry. Students from my international program at the Universidad de Alcalá were being sent home and I was unsure of what my options were at the time. Nobody knew how serious and widespread Coronavirus would become, but I feel grateful that I listened to my intuition and came home on March 12th before Trump decided to close the borders on March 13th. This experience is unforgettable to me and many others who were abroad at this time.

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#coveryourfangs, StudyAbroad , Spain , Covid19

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Sofia Lorena Soto

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