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Collected Item: “Student reaches out to Professor asking to take Fall 2020 course remotely”

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Student reaches out to Professor asking to take Fall 2020 course remotely

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Screenshot of an email by Dr. Root

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When the Fall 2020 course schedule was announced at St. Mary's I ran to see what type of classes I was going to have. There were 3 options either online, virtual, or a combination of virtual/in-person. My course with Dr. Root was scheduled to be a combination class. I had a lot of fear about going back to campus and especially going to class in-person. I reached out to Dr. Root with the hope that he would allow staying full virtual. Thankfully he was understanding of my situation. This email is the conversation that we had over the situation

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#coveryourfangs, HS3390, professors perspective, online teaching, compromise

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Bianca-Rhae Jacquez

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