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Collected Item: “remote learning”

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remote learning

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Learning virtual was ok. There were good things about it and bad things. a good thing was I didn’t need to drive to school which gave me an extra 25min. also after school a didn’t need to drive home so I could just run out and surf with the kids in my naborhood. A problem withit though it after stairing at the screen all day my head always felt bad. A normal day of online school was I wake up at 7:00 unlike when I used to wake up at 6:00. I didn’t need to pack up my stuff for online school I could get ready faster. Then I would have a bowl of cearea. And then take a shower and hop on zome on zoom I sometimes had a little more food while in class. After class I didn’t usally have home work which was good because I didn’t need to be on the computer any longer. I am glad we are back at school

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Emmett Mitchell

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