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Collected Item: “DACA On The COVID-19 Ward: Yesenia's Story”

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DACA On The COVID-19 Ward: Yesenia's Story

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My name is Yesenia, and I am a DACA recipient and a nurse. As of a few weeks ago, I have been a nurse primarily in the COVID-19 unit at my local hospital in Indiana, where I live.

Since COVID-19 began, my world, along with everyone else's, has been flipped upside down. It is hard to express how much my job has changed since COVID-19. I knew when I went into critical care nursing that I would have unexpected situations at work. I never thought there would be a whole floor of uncertainties. It is really overwhelming when you know that you are not enough for what is to come. But you always try your best.

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DACA, nurse, critical care nursing, uncertainty

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Robin Keagle

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