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Collected Item: “The ‘slow-motion’ genocide’ of the Chinook Indian Nation”

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The ‘slow-motion’ genocide’ of the Chinook Indian Nation

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The pandemic has exacerbated the Chinook’s lack of the kind of social safety net recognized tribes possess. While the COVID-19 mortality rate of Indigenous people is almost 2.5 times that of white people, unrecognized tribes have not received any of the $8 billion in government aid passed by Congress last spring. Nor have they received priority for tests or vaccines. Instead, they have to rely on neighboring tribes like the Grand Ronde and the Shoalwater Bay Tribe to vaccinate their elder knowledge-keepers. Chinook tribal members sometimes refer to the lack of recognition as slow-motion genocide. “Explain how it’s not genocide,” Johnson said to me. “Someone explain to me how it’s not.”

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Chinook Indian Nation, genocide, no federal recognition, no sovereignty, broken treaties, unrecognized tribe, no government aid, non-priority, no protection,

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High Country News, Anna V. Smith

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