Humanizing the heroes

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Humanizing the heroes

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Below is a photograph of Brian Sarkisian. An Auburn Mass. hometown hero, state champion baseball player, and now an essential medical worker at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester Massachusetts. Brian is a kind and gentle man whose only goal has ever been to help those in need. He is a nursing student at Worcester State University who previously picked up shifts at UMass Memorial as a student nurse to help people and gain experience for his practice. Now he works tirelessly around the clock handling non COVID-19 patients so that the doctors can focus their efforts. Brian speaks often about the business of the hospital and his constant fear of contracting the virus, but still he says that he would never trade or give up what he’s doing for the world. In a quote he gave me Mr. Sarkisian states “This is what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m in this field and in school for it because I want to make the worst times in people’s lives bearable”. Thank you for everything you do Brian Sarkisian.

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