Life during Covid-19


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Life during Covid-19

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April 13th, 2020:
I haven’t gone outside of my house very often due to Covid-19. On the news that is all they talk about and how many cases there are how many deaths and how we should be staying at our house but keeping contact with our friends and family through skype, or video chatting. Easter was yesterday but it just felt like another day. We didn’t have family over, and it just didn’t feel the same. I’ve been to Walmart only a couple of times but lately I have just been staying in the car. When you go to the canned food aisle it is almost completely empty. There is barely any cleaning supplies and you are lucky if you can get toilet paper. They are limiting a lot of products to just one per family so that people who do need it can get the supplies they need to take care of there families. The other day I was in the car when my mom went to go get some trash bags from Walmart, almost every person I saw had gloves and a mask on, even kids. In my neighborhood everyone is kind of living there day to day life’s but with more caution, people are still going on runs and walking there dogs and playing outside. It seems as if more people are working out since the gyms are closed and people are getting tired of staying stuck in their house. On the greenbelt there is usually a couple people walking or running, but now there is people walking on the greenbelt every 6 feet. Though it is kind of scary to think about everything that is going on in the world around us, I’m just glad I’m not in New York.

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