Staged COVID Dinner Sticky Notes

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Staged COVID Dinner Sticky Notes

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This is a photograph I took of staged post-it notes my mother wrote to my father during his quarantine after he contracted COVID19 in July 2020. When my father tested positive for COVID19 he quarantined in my parents’ bedroom. His illness required my mother and I to make adjustments to our daily lives. My mother began taking care of my father, primarily by bringing him supplies and delivering food during meal times. While she did this, she wrote sticky notes to him which can be seen in the photograph above. Some of the sticky notes are just simple reminders or questions, nevertheless, I believe they are all significant. These sticky notes were a creative way that my mother used to communicate with my father while he was in quarantine. Some of them are also quite heartfelt and silly. And I think that’s why the notes are so important because they show that we can still be creative, silly, and funny during very stressful times. Also, these sticky notes are important to me because they represent my parents’ commitment to each other; even when things got tough.

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