2021: First, show us the trailer.

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2021: First, show us the trailer.

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This is a picture I took from a popular Bulgarian meme page on Instagram. The text is in Bulgarian and it states “First, show us the trailer.” I am choosing this picture because I think many people can relate to it. The reason I can relate to this is that last summer when I was in Bulgaria, I had the best time. I left with the summer memories and hopes that next summer. 2020, will be a prolongation. All year that was my main motivation but, alas. The year 2020 came with all its surprises and flaws, and all my plans and dreams were destroyed. This thought me that plans always change, and hopes and dreams can be easily ruined, but still, I would love it if we could get a little trailer of what to expect in the next sequel called 2021. After all, hopes and dreams hold us alive.
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