Corona vs. College

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Corona vs. College

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I related to this meme because after getting laid off from my job, and moving back home to California, I had to make ends meet. I got another job and started a new life not expecting to go back to UNLV for a while just for an email to go out saying they were allowing students to come back on campus. My friends who are currently on campus aren’t getting anything close to their normal experience (I’m a dance major) and I’m learning remotely yet still paying a full tuition? In addition, I was reading how there were huge cuts to colleges throughout the U.S due to the virus so to me this shows the governments disconnect with higher education. Allowing the facilities to reopen as they wish but taking their funds away that directly affect their student body, who are most likely struggling financially themselves is baffling to me. Had funds not been cut, I believe some colleges may have not felt the need to reopen so soon, as funding may not have been as big of a concern. Disclaimer, this is not facts just my honest opinion and experience!

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