Coming Off Orders


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Coming Off Orders

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I served on the COVID-19 Relief Mission for 93 days with the Texas Army National Guard. The attached orders and email detail my timeline on the mission and my preparation in late June to come off orders by my end date of 18 July 2020.

I will not give any more details than that when it concerns orders or paperwork for orders in this public forum. I just wanted to add to military and National Guard perspective of this story as thousands of National Guardsman served on the COVID-19 Relief Mission. In Texas, the same rules applied to this mission as to an OCONUS deployment in terms of leaving mission. The orders were also longer than 90 days for most Soldiers which allowed them to earn 50% Post 9/11 G.I. Bill College Benefits if they had never served on Active Duty Orders (outside of training) before.

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10/31/20 A. Reyes

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