Grandfather, Son, and Granddaughter Reunited at Last


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Grandfather, Son, and Granddaughter Reunited at Last

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While serving with the Texas Army National Guard on the COVID-19 Relief Mission in Houston, TX, Josh Farrar was visited by his parents, wife, and daughters when he was given a day off by his Commander. In order to get outside, they all went to the park. This video is of the granddaughter and grandfather playing on a slide while the father (Josh Farrar) interacts with his dad.

This video is important as it shows an extended family interacting during the pandemic in an outside venue while a family member is supporting the COVID-19 Relief Mission. This day was very supportive and therapeutic for the Soldier after months dealing with COVID-19 testing.

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St. Mary's University

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10/31/20 A. Reyes

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