Adapting the DiamondBack Café on campus

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Adapting the DiamondBack Café on campus

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These are photographs taken of the DiamondBack Cafe at St. Mary's University-San Antonio in the era of COVID19. The DiamondBack Cafe was one of St. Mary's busiest student spaces prior to the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. However, much has changed at the DiamondBack Cafe since March 2020

As a resident student at St. Mary's University I have eaten in the DiamondBack Cafe almost every day, and I can attest to just how different it is to eat a meal there. The seats are now all socially distanced six feet apart, and there are signs sitting on the tables and taped to the tables reminding students to keep their social distance. Along with the changes implemented because of social distancing, getting meals has also changed drastically.

Meal protocols have changed because of the pandemic. Students have the option of taking their meals back to their doors in styrofoam to-go boxes, or they may eat in the Cafe at one of the socially distanced tables. Also, students are no longer allowed to handle their food themselves, rather they are served by employees of the Cafe. Also, some food where that had previously been open food has been changed. For example, the sandwich station which used to be made to order, was for the majority of the semester, replaced by premade sandwiches in to-go boxes.

Much has changed in the Diamond Cafe, and it feels different to eat there too. There have been a few times when I have been the only student in the Cafe, which is especially weird. However, everything that has been done is necessary to protect the health of students and faculty.

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