Old money, New money

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Old money, New money

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It might not come as a surprise for people to learn that I, a history major, likes old things! Throughout this pandemic, I have become a frequent visitor of Etsy, searching for interesting vintage items to purchase. I have come out the other side of this pandemic with several old books, a set of 1950s cosmetic pots, a leather satchel and two old measuring tapes. Of course, in addition to things I have already collected over the years, including fossilised ammonites, more old books (including two copies of Shakespeare from the 1790s) and a pocket telescope from the 18th century.
I feel like many people have indulged themselves during the pandemic, especially given the increased payments from the government allowing some people to have disposable income. And without having daily expenses such as public transport fares, for the first time I have been able to purchase some of these items without feeling guilty about myself for doing so.
It makes me think about what type of things people do to cope during times of crisis. For me, clearly, it was some retail therapy, buying things that I enjoy. I am sure that many people will relate to that, considering the sheer amount of parcels the post office has to deal with from online shopping. I had always admired history from afar, but knowing that I can physically handle objects that have their own stories to tell has just reinvigorated my love for every chapter in the large book we call history.

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Photograph of my collection of old things

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