Bike Trail Pandemic Safety

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Bike Trail Pandemic Safety

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This is a picture of a sign to “Please Wear A Mask” by one of the entrances of to my hometown’s bike path. Originally a local place by the local lake to take family and have a nice picnic, go on a brisk walk, or have a fun ride on your bike, the trail is a place where most locals congregate. Due to COVID-19, this local spot has grown a lot of attraction because when people have nothing else to do, they take up nature as their past time. However, this sign was placed to remind people that the pandemic is still real and all around us, and that people should still stay safe while partaking in a fun past time. Having these warnings out in public spaces help people keep a sense of mindfulness of others as they continue on their own endeavors of their day to day lives as we all try to live though a pandemic that has shaken the core of how people do live.

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