Through the Eyes of a Waitress

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Through the Eyes of a Waitress

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This is a little bit about how I feel while working in a restaurant during Covid. It has been an interesting experience, and I have learned a lot of lessons both from working with the public in general, but also working with the public specifically during a pandemic. I haven’t been able to see my friends that much since the pandemic began, so working in the restaurant has helped because it gets me out of the house and working towards a goal of getting an apartment with my friends, from the money I'm saving up. This journal entry demonstrates something significant to my generation because while we might not be able to see friends, people can focus on themselves and work hard whether it be at school, work or both. Some people have seen their friends, and met up at Loretta for lunch outside, and this has been a way to catch up in a safer way. My journal entry focuses on what I have seen while working, the way people have acted when they come out to eat or pickup their takeout. This is important to me because it is my own words and observations from the past couple of months.

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