Charlotte Tibollo Oral History, 2021/07/09


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Charlotte Tibollo Oral History, 2021/07/09

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Mother interviewing 5 year old daughter about the pandemic.

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Ashley Tibollo

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Charlotte Tibollo

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New York
United States of America

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March 2020-July 2021

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Mother interviews 5 year old daughter about life for her during the pandemic.

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Ashley Tibollo 0:01
We are recording. My name is Ashley TibolIo and I am here with Charlotte Tibollo. The date is July 9 2021. The time is 12:55pm. We are driving in our car between Williamsville and Watkins Glen, New York. I understand that this interview will be recorded in digital video and our audio format and may be transcribed. The recordings of possible transcriptions of my interview copies of any supplementary documents or additional photos that I wish to share and the informed consent and deed of gift may be deposited in the Journal of the Plauge a COVID-19 archive in the Indiana University, the library system and will be available to both researchers and the general public. I understand that my name and the name of Charlotte, my daughter and other means of identification will not be confidential. So I, as Charlotte's mother, confirmed that I have agreed that the interview will mainly be made available immediately upon submission to the archive. Okay, Charlotte, can you say your whole name? You're gonna have to talk nice and loud. Okay. Because the road noise and how old are you?

Charlotte Tibollo 1:41

Ashley Tibollo 1:43
what grade are you going into?

Charlotte Tibollo 1:46

Ashley Tibollo 1:49
Yeah. Do you know what city we live in?

Charlotte Tibollo 1:55

Ashley Tibollo 1:57
Yeah, and that's in New York State. Right. Okay. Do you remember how old you were when the pandemic started? You were Three.

Charlotte Tibollo 2:14

Ashley Tibollo 2:17
Yeah, in March of 2020. You turn four that June. Hey, what do you remember most about when it started?

Charlotte Tibollo 2:30
That we didnt know how it started.

Ashley Tibollo 2:37
Mm hmm. What changed about life?

Charlotte Tibollo 2:40
That we had to wear masks. Couldn't get a new one until I don't know.

Ashley Tibollo 2:56
What did you think about all that?

Charlotte Tibollo 3:00
I guess I wasnt really comfortable.

Ashley Tibollo 3:15
Yeah. Do you remember what we did for your birthday? What did we do for your birthday? In June of 2020. When you turn four?

Charlotte Tibollo 3:29
We had a George Washington cake. We were outside in the backyard.

Ashley Tibollo 3:35
Yeah we were outside in the backyard. Do you remember anything else about it? We had some friends. Right? And how do we do that with COVID? Did we stay apart? Yeah, we socially distanced right. Do you feel safe when you go into the store? Why do you feel safe now?

Charlotte Tibollo 4:20
I am wearing a mask.

Ashley Tibollo 4:25
Yeah. You started school during the pandemic. Right You did EK. What was school like with COVID?

Charlotte Tibollo 4:39
It was a little weird not not wearing masks.

Ashley Tibollo 4:51
Not not wearing masks? What do you mean

Charlotte Tibollo 4:55
Like not wearing masks in school.

Ashley Tibollo 5:02
Well, you did wear masks in school. What else did you have in school? To protect you from COVID?

Charlotte Tibollo 5:22

Ashley Tibollo 5:23
Yeah, you had big dividers. What was your favorite part about school?

Charlotte Tibollo 5:38
Playing with my friends.

Ashley Tibollo 5:41
Yeah, did you and your friends ever talk about COVID?

Charlotte Tibollo 5:46

Ashley Tibollo 5:49
Were you always in school during COVID? Or was there some time that you had to do online learning?

Charlotte Tibollo 5:56
Sometimes I had to do online learning.

Ashley Tibollo 5:58
What was that like?

Charlotte Tibollo 6:01
It was different.

Ashley Tibollo 6:04
What did you have to do? How did you do school? Well, you still had to your teacher Mrs. Avid, but she was at at your house. Right? How did you see her?

Charlotte Tibollo 6:41
On the iPad.

Ashley Tibollo 6:42
Right. You went on the iPad. And could you see your friends too?

Charlotte Tibollo 6:47

Ashley Tibollo 6:48
Did you like learning from home on the iPad?

Charlotte Tibollo 6:51

Ashley Tibollo 6:52
How come?

Charlotte Tibollo 6:53
I didnt get to see Mrs. Avid and my friends in real life.

Ashley Tibollo 7:00
yeah. Did anybody help you while you're at home trying to learn.

Charlotte Tibollo 7:05
Some times daddy.

Ashley Tibollo 7:09
Yeah. What was daddy doing while you were in school?

Charlotte Tibollo 7:14
He was working.

Ashley Tibollo 7:15
Yeah, he was working too. What was mommy doing?

Charlotte Tibollo 7:24

Ashley Tibollo 7:25
Also working right. That was hard sometimes, huh?

Charlotte Tibollo 7:28

Ashley Tibollo 7:33
Do you think you learned as much when you were at home as you did when you were in school?

Charlotte Tibollo 7:39
I don't know.

Ashley Tibollo 7:40
You dont know? How do you feel about the COVID vaccine?

Charlotte Tibollo 7:51
I feel better with it.

Ashley Tibollo 7:59
Yeah. Are you gonna get one? Do you want to get one? You have to say it out loud. Are you?

Charlotte Tibollo 8:08

Ashley Tibollo 8:10
How come?

I dont want to have to wear a mask an more.

do you do any sports?

Charlotte Tibollo 8:21
I do basketball and dancing.

Ashley Tibollo 8:22
Yeah. What else?

Charlotte Tibollo 8:28

Ashley Tibollo 8:29
Yeah. Did you do any of those during the pandemic?

Charlotte Tibollo 8:35
I did Taekwondo.

Ashley Tibollo 8:37
Yeah, what was that like during the pandemic?

Charlotte Tibollo 8:40
It was a little weird that some people are wearing in Taekwondo.

Ashley Tibollo 8:52
That they aren't anymore?

Charlotte Tibollo 8:54

Ashley Tibollo 8:58
Do you remember doing it from home? on the iPad or on the TV? Yeah. Did you like doing that?

Charlotte Tibollo 9:11

Ashley Tibollo 9:11
No? How come?

Charlotte Tibollo 9:14
I like to see my friends for real.

Ashley Tibollo 9:22
So what is the first thing you want to do after you get your vaccines?

Charlotte Tibollo 9:40
I dont know.

Ashley Tibollo 9:43
Go to Disney World?

Charlotte Tibollo 9:44

Ashley Tibollo 9:51
So there are going to be adults in the future listening to this. Right. They want to hear what you have to say. So what would you tell tell them, what do you want people to know about the pandemic in the future? Is there anything they should know like to help kids?

Charlotte Tibollo 10:24
I don't know.

Ashley Tibollo 10:25
Would you want anything to have happen differently? What would you want it to? For the record, Charlotte is nodding her head "yes". What would you want them to have done differently?

Charlotte Tibollo 10:33
Not eat meat.

Ashley Tibollo 10:48
And why should they not eat meats?

Charlotte Tibollo 10:51
Because then we wouldn't have COVID and we wouldnt have to wear masks and we wouldnt have to get a vaccine.

Ashley Tibollo 11:01
Well do do all diseases come from animals in animal markets.

Charlotte Tibollo 11:07

Ashley Tibollo 11:08
No, but this one you think dead.

Charlotte Tibollo 11:11

Ashley Tibollo 11:13
Okay. Thank you, Charlotte, for your interview today. Bye bye.

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