A trip to Central America

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A trip to Central America

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My family recently went on our first trip since before COVID. My husband is an ER doctor in Los Angeles and saw how the pandemic ravished our city. Getting away was necessary for all of our mental health. We were all vaccinated and tested before going and then tested again before coming back. I remember an interesting conversation with some locals that I wanted to share with the archive. While talking about the pandemic with some locals my husband was asked about his thoughts on the vaccine. He said he trusted the work of the scientists who developed the vaccine and he trusted the CDC enough to get it. The locals let him know they were not vaccinated and were not planning on it because of the side effects they had heard of. The first being that those who were being vaccinated faced possible death within the first two years. My husband politely said he had been vaccinated and felt very much alive. The second one was that it caused homosexuality. I wasn’t sure if I should be sad or surprised at that one. Such great ignorance over a vaccine that has already saved so many lives.

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