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This collage of Instagram screenshots displays a common practice at the beginning of the pandemic that was used to stay in contact with friends and family during challenging times. When the pandemic first began, these Instagram stories were a respite from the loneliness of lockdown. Shown in these images are posts that encourage inclusion, individuality, and cooperation. An example of these posts is the orange drawing post. In this type of post, someone tags other people on their drawing and those people draw their own oranges. The chain gets preserved so that the viewers can see all of the people who also took part in the process. It was a way to connect people and produce a creative outlet.
The other posts are ones in which a person answers questions about their favorite Disney characters and shares what song they are listening to. You then tag a few people to do the “challenge” next. This was a way to stay in touch with people, but also a way to show that you were thinking of someone. During the pandemic, it was very easy to feel alone and secluded. When a friend from college whom I haven’t spoken to for a while tagged me, I felt that someone cared. I was on someone’s mind even during a time of so much fear and sadness. The idea of each individual tagging multiple people also meant that the number of people participating grew exponentially and, ideally, it made us all feel connected.

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