How the Supply Chain Broke, and Why It Won’t Be Fixed Anytime Soon

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How the Supply Chain Broke, and Why It Won’t Be Fixed Anytime Soon

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This New York Times article from October 22nd, 2021 - updated October 31st - explains the current status of the global supply chain. Global Correspondent, Peter S. Goodman, writes that Covid exacerbated existing problems in the supply chain. 

This is relevant to the art industries in ways people often overlook. Coordinating shipments to meet deadlines in international art exhibitions, loaning works or consigning are all things that I used to struggle to plan for in light of covid when there would be unprecedented shipping delays and costs. Additionally, clients always want lower costs for shipping newly acquired works, however, it is now even more difficult to marry sales and client relations with the realities of shipping.

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news article

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New York Times

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