Taylor Hubbard Oral History, 2020/04/29


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Taylor Hubbard Oral History, 2020/04/29

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Taylor Hubbard

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United States of America

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Taylor Hubbard 0:01
My name is Taylor, and I am currently at home quarantined because of Coronavirus in 2020. It is the end of April, and I am home from college. I'm living with my family; I have my two parents, my brother, and my two dogs. And as classes finish, I've just been doing things on my own, staying away from all my friends, I luckily get to see my family. But it's really sad that I can't visit my friends, I can't talk to them. It's much different than being on campus at a university and just being able to interact with all different people all, any day. It's just, it's very different. It's much of a challenge, as I'm sure it is for everyone. But- so I live in a small town in Virginia. So there's not too many Coronavirus cases here, but everybody is just doing what they can to stay positive and move forward. And that means not having any contact with anyone. There's not many places that are open besides grocery stores around here as ensures the same with everywhere else. But as we move forward, we're just trying to see what's going to happen in the future, how much longer this is going to be our lifestyle, and what else we're going to have to change and adjust to and also have to consider what's going to happen in the fall. I'm supposed to be studying abroad starting in August of this year. But you know, plans have been changing, things can still very much change. Everything's all to be determined. And it's- it's crazy to see how just, create, like, no one knows what's gonna happen. And it's really unfortunate, but especially as a college kid, I'm supposed to be having the time of my life. I'm supposed to be with all my new friends. They're amazing. And I just want to spend time with them. I love my family. But it's weird because I am not supposed to be at home right now. I'm supposed to be in college. So it's just a big adjustment. As for the rest of my family, they're all pretty much in the same situation. Because of the jobs that my parents have, they do still sometimes go into work. But there is not many people in their offices, so they are pretty safe. And when they can they do work from home. So all four of us do get to be at home together pretty frequently, which is nice. But as I'm sure to say with many other families, everybody is getting a little bit too close sometimes. So I do not currently know anyone that has Coronavirus. Nor do any of my friends who are from all over the place. There's a lot of people from up north like New England area, or even towards the south. Even from the other side of the country. It's very interesting to see how much this whole experience varies from person to person. Virginia is currently on lockdown until June 10. And then I'm sure they'll reassess then, it could be longer, or things could start to open back up then everything would, just no one knows what's going to happen. And during the summer, I am usually a lifeguard so it's unlikely that the pools are going to open back up because that means that everyone is in very close contact. There's a lot of things that get touched as much as we are cleaning during the summer. It's hard to keep all the germs away. So that might be something I have to struggle with too is finding my summer job. Because if I can find anything that would be great, but it doesn't really seem like lifeguarding is an option at this point in time. Another thing that I personally have had to deal with is my current health state and trying to see how that is gonna change because of Coronavirus. So [REDACTED] and I actually are both type one diabetic, which means that our immune systems are compromised already. So if we were to contract the virus that we would be more at risk of further complications, or it would be harder for us to recover. So we've had to take extra precautions. But part of the struggle with that is doctor's appointments, because we have them pretty frequently. And we still have to make them so I have to go to them and everything. So it's hard to have those scheduled especially because my doctor is at my school in that town, and I am currently three and a half hours away from there. So it's been a really tough adjustment to try to, you know, get everything in order that we need to because health is ultimately the most important thing. But with one of the obstacles that I personally have, it's more difficult. In terms of my mental health, I think I am doing pretty well. I've never had any sort of history with any bad mental health or anything. But I can definitely see how being stuck at home and not being able to see anybody except for your family like that can be very hard on a person. It's hard on me and I'm doing okay. But other people who struggle more with that, I think everybody might start going a little bit crazy soon. So it'll be- it'll be a struggle to see how people handle it. But I think that everybody has to do their best to stay strong so that we can move past all of this and everyone can recover and the country doesn't have to be under this anymore.

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