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Collected Item: “What Keeps Me Sane”

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What keeps me sane (FOR GWYN TO CURATE)

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Between working in a grocery store, and doing class work, I find my self busy and often stressed. I am lucky enough to have a partner, two cats and other luxuries that help me relax and relieve my anxieties. I included an older picture of myself and my partner, my switch, and my cats Wobbles (grey) and Jade (black). Having these distractions in my life have definitely made the pandemic a little more manageable. These things, along with my partner, help me count my blessings and appreciate what I have and have been able to hold on to during these anxious and stressful times.

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#coveryourfangs #hs6301 #cats #stressrelief #grateful

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Mikel Baxter

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