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Every day is the same as the day before except for one thing. I am taking 2 classes at Coastal Carolina, our local university. I find myself missing the interaction i had with the other studens and teachers. Both of the professors are tremendous, but completely opposite in their approach. The class on Ancient Egypt is just so full of information, it's overwhelming. The other class about Vietnam and the American experience makes me angry and sad and then angry again. I'm getting up in age now, and it was very good to be around people who were unlike myself in age and outlook. I hope these are the last online classes that I'll every register in. the only other person I speak to on a daily basis is my cousin, who really is like my sister. She is too obsessed with her son who lives and works in Germany. He's a good night, but I can't listen to her going on day after day about the same things. He's a smart guy and he's going to be ok.
I did not mean for this to be a rant. I really do feel grateful that I am exhibiting no symptoms of the virus. And I don't know anyone who has tested positive. I really hope the lady I was involved with until the middle of January does not come down with the virus. That would be tough.

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