Towards Tomorrow

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Towards Tomorrow

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By the end of 2019, a sudden outbreak had swept across the country. As the places on the chart turned red, so did the nation. People slouched through the days, asking themselves over and over, will tomorrow be a better day?

This outbreak undoubtedly reminds me of the SARS in 2003, which was also a disaster caused by the virus. However, I was not born at that time, and I just heard adults talk about it for several times, which did not impress me too much. As a student, as a Chinese, I cannot ignore the problem of the loss of the Chinese people. I use social media every day to keep up with the outbreak. Has the donation of net friends been accurately remitted to the hospital? What were the accommodations of the doctors who went to the front? Are there any other patients who have sought help online? I am deeply concerned about both the good and bad news of the outbreak. During that time, my life was filled with grief. I even often think about the relationship between man and nature, and examine the human nature revealed by the epidemic. Sometimes just from the death of a doctor due to the outbreak of grief, and into a truck driver from wuhan because of the license plate number and can only be abandoned on the highway to the day and night in the anger, sometimes staring at the desk reflected in the white wall of the slanting sun, will not consciously shed tears. Until that night, I listened to my favorite singer hua chenyu's new song for the epidemic on "the singer", "believe it's not the last day", which seemed to wash away all my worries and insecurities. What struck me most was the last part of the song, in which several of the entertainers began our daily conversation in the kindest dialect. A morning full of happiness and hope, a bowl of hot hot and dry noodles, a gathering of friends and relatives, all these ordinary things, let me feel that in fact, our life has been very good, our country, just on the way to become better, a minor illness. That night, I buried in the book for a long time to cry, also eventually began to learn to reconcile with their own son, tell yourself that this is not the last day, tomorrow will be better.

You have to believe that this is not the last day, because there are countless doctors and nurses who love the country to leave the war, and work together to defeat the virus; You have to believe that this is not the last day, because there are countless new generations of young people in our country, fighting with the frontline personnel in a clumsy but vigorous way; You have to believe that this is not the last day, because there are countless patients back to health to the warmest familiar home; You have to believe that this is not the last day, because look at the arrival of the day, the mirror lake side of the willow began to sprout, wuhan university cherry blossom began to open,. Perhaps in the future we will encounter similar disasters, but whether in the past or in the future, we should have a cloudy day will be better mentality, also should have the confidence and determination of the Chinese nation to overcome all difficulties and obstacles. We should believe that the surprise will result in the crack, we can certainly usher in the spring.

Towards hope, towards the future. No matter when and where, we all want to grow toward the sun. No night that will not usher in the dawn, no winter that will not usher in the warm spring. We look forward to the day when we can take off our masks, hug each other, and party in crowds.
That day was worth waiting for.
That look, full of stars.

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