“Cover Your Cough”: Work Safety at a Nursing Home in Burr Ridge, Illinois

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“Cover Your Cough”: Work Safety at a Nursing Home in Burr Ridge, Illinois

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While nursing homes play an integral role in the medical care for many elderly individuals, they also present a significant amount of risk during the time of COVID-19. The CDC has identified as those who are most at-risk for infection as people over 65, the immunocompromised, and residents at long-term care facilities. My mom, as the Senior Director of Resident Services, has often described her fear that one of her nurses, CNAs, or residents will contract COVID-19. In order to minimize risk, she relies on reminding nursing home staff and residents of the merits of practicing preventative care. These IDPH infographics provide helpful information to prevent the spread of the virus within a high risk community so that both workers and residents can stay as healthy as can be.

*Illinois Department of Public Health; sheets arranged by my mother, Karen Miller, for the staff at her place of employment

*04/16/2020; The day of the projected national ‘peak,’ according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on 04/07/2020


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An arrangement of COVID-19 infographics on a bulletin board

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