Grocery Store Shortages

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Grocery Store Shortages

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This was a photo of my local grocery store pasta sauce isle on April 16th. I know I have probably seen a dozen photos of the same or similar situations, but this really made me think about not only how I took the availability of items for granted, but also the people who work there and their frustration as well. Many grocery store workers are experiencing frustration and dread at work because of shopper irritation and frustration over unavailable items. There were obviously several choices left, but not what I usually use. That made me reflect on how we as a society become so entrenched in our own routine that we often forget the challenges that others experience all over the world and the complete unavailability of necessities that we take for granted. Shortages are a challenge to all of us and this has made me far more respectful of that fact and all those that are impacted by them.

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