Analei _________, my best friend 03/12/2019 imagine was taken

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Analei _________, my best friend

03/12/2019 imagine was taken

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These photographs explain how someone can be taken from you so fast, as I said earlier Analei did not pass, she is very fortunate because of how many people have been losing their lives due to COVID-19. When I heard the news I freaked out I called her mother and asked her if she was okay, the crazy part is she thinks she got it at a party she went to which what’s weird is that I went to it as well, I was fine and she wasn’t, I personally felt guilty and I was really sad for days and made sure she was okay, since so many people have been getting tested for corona virus the government were very low on test, which meant she had to wait and thankfully found out it was certainly positive, a week has gone by and she was starting to get better, I was so glad. The second photograph is a picture of a doctor, and this shows how every nurse, and doctors have risked their lives for us every day and you start to really see who’s the hero.

*The primarily responsible for making this resource would be me, Sofia __________ I am coming to everyone as a human to make sure everyone is safe and healthy

*In this time, March 2019 was the month of our graduation into becoming adults and into college students ready for a life, I put a photograph of my friend Analei who was recently tested positive for COVID-19, she is a amazing person and usually most of the bad luck always comes to her for some reason.

*Analei _________ and Sofia __________ also her mom ___________

*The genre of this resource is to show how someone can be taken from you so easily, (even though Analei did not pass) we all had a bit of a scare when we heard the news, her mom took this picture of her as a graduation announcement, little did we know this would happen in our world.

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