"A Blessing in Disguise“

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"A Blessing in Disguise“

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I’m a freshman at Arizona State University, which was a big jump since I started off my life in a small town in Ohio. But I was ready for an adventure.College just finally started to get good. I was making some really good friends, enjoying work on campus, and doing well in my studies. And then it hit. COVID-19 hit. My job closed down, my friends moved back home, and school went all online. I was distraught. How could I do this on my own? How will I mentally get through this? But my community built me up. Zoom classes turned into a Zoom get together‘s with my classmates and friends. My teachers were understanding and even more helpful during this time. My coworkers and I grew even stronger bonds through this. At the beginning of this worldwide pandemic I thought to myself “how will I manage”, but now I am here to say we have gotten through the bulk of it and it has not only made me a stronger person but a stronger friend and student. All in all, though I thought this would have been the worst thing that could ever happen I’m here to say I’m more confident my studies, I know I have amazing friends and mentors to back me up, and I know any day now things will go back to normal and we will all be grateful and cherish how lucky we are to have the things that we have and to attend a university as amazing as Arizona State. #REL101

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