Skull scarf mask

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Skull scarf mask

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My friend gave me the scarf patterned with roses and skulls About 15 years ago when I was 25 and lived in Chicago. Today I put it on thinking so much of her because we are both 40 now and I just read today that people our age are experiencing strokes after having mild or asymptomatic cases, and a scarf with skulls seems like an appropriate “mask”. I also put it on because I was about to take a walk around the block and masking up in Wisconsin, where I live, feels a little extreme because I often don’t encounter anyone else while walking, and if I do, I’m able to get well away from them. Still it’s nice to have a scarf at least something to dip my face and when I feel vulnerable. Even if I know it doesn’t really work scientifically it helps to have a gesture

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