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week of april 27

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Week of April 27, 2020
I am from Myrtle Beach, SC and as most people know South Carolina was one of the
first states to open back up after President Trump gave his blessings to each governor
to make their own decision regarding how quickly and what to open up and what to
restrict. During this entire month, Covid 19 has revealed some uncomfortable truths
about America. Every day brings a reminder that we are a country of extreme haves
and have nots – and this applies to people have accurate information. We as a country
have the most Nobel prizes in science and also the most willfully ignorant people when
it comes to understanding science. How else can we explain electing a low information
buffoon who pushes bullshit cures and disinformation that will actually kill people.
Injecting disinfectant??? Really? Trump knows that there is no disinfectant at stores.
But he like many Americans believes that science is just an opinion instead of trying to
understand it. These people are far better at dismissing inconvenient science than trying
to understand how it will affect their lives. Thinking is hard. Repeating memes is fun.
And after all, isn’t not believing in Darwinism really Darwinism? When facts are
inconvenient, these folks just scream that “I can’t hear you.” This goes to prove another
fact, that America cares more about the corporate health of its companies that the
actual health of its citizens. Corporations got most of the bailout cash. And corporations
and the politicians corporations pay are behind the “grassroots” push to prematurely
open America. Georgia has one of the lowest rates of testing in the country and it is the
first to completely reopen. That’s what happens when you make medical decisions for
political reasons. Like the mayor of Las Vegas offering to make her city a control group
with testing. It would be like a doctor saying they were going to treat cancer with lower
taxes. Republican governors believe that sacrifices have to be made for corporate
profits. Frankly, I don’t want to be a statistic. And because of trump’s attitude toward
this has been that he won’t take any blame, our response to the pandemic has been ad
hoc, conflicting, and piecemeal. Some states have had responses founded on research
surrounded by states with policies founded on Twitter hashtags. It is amazing to some
that viruses don’t respect state lines or how deadly they are. The conflicting responses
are like having a no smoking section in my car or a no peeing section in my bathtub.
I have to give credit for most of this post to a post I follow on Facebook called Mrs. Betty
Bowers. It reflects my feelings and frustrations but says it far better than I could.

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