The Importance of Family

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The Importance of Family

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This is a photo of my little sister and I embarking on a 'journey' to the grocery store. Before this strange time, running an errand was something I never gave any thought. It oddly feels like so long ago: I would just grab my car keys and head out the door. Now, I need to take multiple precautionary steps before I go in public. It is still near impossible to wrap my head around the fact that the steps one needs to take (finding something to cover your face, having gloves ready or at least having hand sanitizer accessible) could literally be a matter of life and death. Not to mention, one needs to wipe down all the items that are purchased and brought back home. Now that I calculate my every move, like limiting what I touch, I realize more and more how much I previously took the little things for granted. I miss being around my friends, playing board games and sharing pizza. These are lonely times, and I could only imagine what it is like for those who live alone. I am so lucky to have my family so I don't go totally insane. This time has brought opportunities for us to have long talks that we would not normally have. This stagnant time has allowed us to discuss topics we would not otherwise dive into: topics of faith, philosophy, community, and what it means to be human. #REL101

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