Notes From an Essential Worker Series #3

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Notes From an Essential Worker Series #3

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The COVID-19 virus disrupts life, particularly our relationships with those we love. But, relationships are flexible and adapt to circumstance. Any other year, my mom would stay home from work on Good Friday and bring us to church, so we can see the stations of the cross. This year, the churches closed, and my mom could not afford a day off due to COVID-19. Instead, she used her morning note to remind us to celebrate in our own way: remembering her parents, "grandma and pap," and doing something kind for each other.

In keeping with traditional however, we celebrated the end of another week in quarantine with a "Pizza Payday." My mom gets paid on Fridays, so we always have pizza to celebrate. COVID-19 has caused many changes, but I am glad that has stayed the same.

#FordhamUniversity #VART3030

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