My COVID-19 Experience

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My COVID-19 Experience

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My name is Carolina, or I like to go by Kat. My story begins towards the beginning of March 2020.

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My name is Carolina, or I like to go by Kat. My story begins towards the beginning of March 2020. The Coronavirus was something that was barely beginning to receive attention on the news. Information that I remember hearing is that supposedly eating bats is what spread the virus in China, or that people coming from China brought the virus with them. I was honestly not too worried at the time. From March 8th to the 15th, I was on break from my university, and my boyfriend and I decided to go to New Mexico for the week, to relax with family. Once our break ended, we headed back home to Phoenix, Arizona. That is when everything began to escalate.

My parents had told me that stores were beginning to close down, or that people began to go crazy. Many around the nation, the world even, began to panic-buy toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other protective or sanitation products. I thought that was crazy. I was still not too worried, but I was a little anxious about it because I was worried about my family who is susceptible due to any respiratory issues. I, myself, have asthma, so I was a little nervous. Over the next few weeks, I ended up moving back home from campus to be with my family. They were really anxious about the whole situation. My dad even kept lecturing me about cleaning and sanitizing everything. They also did not want me going out so much, and the good thing is that I never really went out a lot anyways. I did think my parents were a little paranoid, but that was until I found out disturbing news.

This news came from my parents. They had told me that two of my aunts had been infected with the virus, and my aunts were not doing too well. That was the moment when I started to take everything more seriously. I was constantly washing my hands more, wiping things down, and began to listen to anything my parents said regarding sanitation or keeping things outside, like our shoes. I was hurt at the news that my own family had been diagnosed. My mind was full of thoughts about what could happen to them or any of my other family, especially from all the terrible things I had been hearing on the news. I was super scared for my baby niece and nephew. I had not been able to see them in almost two months.

I still have not seen them, and I miss them terribly. I have not gone outside except to buy groceries once in the last month, or to go on a bike ride twice in my small neighborhood. I have relied on instacart, the app, once to help deliver some groceries my family and I needed. My boyfriend had begun to stay with us after we had come back from our break. He helps out around my house, and having him by my side helps me keep peace at mind. Staying home has had a huge impact on my mental health. I have been having more anxiety or just spurts of deep sadness. I would not call it depression, but my moments can be a bit worrisome. Thankfully I have my family and my boyfriend to help keep me sane.

My family has been struggling to pay our bills since my mom has some work, but not as much as she would normally have. She works as a housekeeper. She recently severely injured her hand, and this has affected her work since she cannot clean efficiently. My mother has an extremely hard time working, even though she does have one other lady helping her. My father struggles with work, as well. He works on and off. They call him in every-so-often to work, but lately their calls have been decreasing. I was going to work for my university for our orientation season, but everything got pushed online. Now I only work about one to two hours a week or every other week. I wish I could help my family more. Overall I am just hoping and praying for everything to calm down. I miss seeing my other family, my friends, and even going to class.

For now, I am going to keep trying to stay positive and help my family to the best of my ability. I am wishing the best for everyone out there, as well. Stay strong.

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