Covered in Paint


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Covered in Paint

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Poem about isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Covered in Paint- Kiersten Camby
Covered in paint, I stare at the wall
I’d reach for a snack, but to be honest I’ve ate them all
I never thought I would miss school or work
I thought all this extra time would be a perk

Instead now I sit all day starved of attention
Because everyone else in my family is considered “essential” if I forgot to mention
I have bathed the dogs and mopped the floors
I’ve vacuumed the couch and painted the handles on the doors

I sleep, I eat, I cry, I groan
No one ever needs this much time alone
No matter what I do I cannot break my concentration
All my brain will focus on is this never-ending isolation

a poem of isolation due to COVID-19

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