University of San Francisco Acceptance Letter

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University of San Francisco Acceptance Letter

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Attached you will find my admission letter to the School of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of San Francisco. Upon writing this entry, I have been admitted and secured my spot at the institution. I was admitted approximately one month ago, during the crisis itself. This photo of my admission letter is beyond meaningful to me even more so because of the circumstances we all are now facing. My passion for nursing has always been the driving force for how I conduct my school efforts. Despite my extensive family size, I actually am one of the first to enter the medical profession. I was inspired to enter into this field in high school when I shadowed a fellow family friend. I visited her at the Mercy San Juan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and immediately was drawn to this unit. From that day, I never could consider any other field of study. I am in continuous awe of those on the frontlines, especially nurses and doctors. Upon admission to nursing school, typically clinicals would be a part of one’s first-semester curriculum. Due to the pandemic, my clinicals have actually been pushed back an additional semester. With nursing school especially, and the current incoming cohorts curriculum has drastically shifted. I point this out because no matter how big or small, in some way each of our lives has been changed by this event. At this point, I'm unaware if even my first semester will be held on campus. There is a rather high chance I will be online for my first semester of nursing school. All of our lives right now are for lack of a better word “tentative”, who knows how things will change or when things will resolve to normalcy. #CSUS #HIST15H
Taken on 05/02/2020; Shared on 05/03/2020

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