Mother Health Care Professionals and their children

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Mother Health Care Professionals and their children

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This image displays a baby, reaching out and touching the face shield of what seems to be her mother all gowned up and dressed in PPE. The woman in the picture who seems to be a health care worker who is also a mother is crying as she is torn away from beating able to hug and kiss her child because of the possibility of being infected after working in the hospital with coronavirus patients. This picture is especially special because it touches upon the hardships that health care workers are facing after working with patients all-day and not being able to have that relief of coming home and being comforted by their family members. This post was also made right before mother's day.

The caption to this picture was in Portuguese and said "Mães. Hoje é o vosso dia. Esta ilustração vem ao encontro das mensagens que fui recebendo de profissionais de saúde que anseiam voltar a abraçar os filhos. Continuem com a mesma força de sempre. A cuidar dos filhos, dos pais e dos avós de alguém. O coração dos vossos filhos está carregado de orgulho. 🖤 a todas as mães um grande beijinho, um especial à minha. ✨
©️2020, Sofia Pádua."

When translated to English it said "Mothers. Today is your day. This illustration is in line with the messages I have received from health professionals who want to hug their children again. Continue with the same strength as always. Taking care of someone's children, parents, and grandparents. Your children's hearts are filled with pride. A big kiss to all mothers, a special one to mine. ✨
© ️2020, Sofia Pádua."

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