Joslyn Barragan Oral History, 2020/05/06


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Joslyn Barragan Oral History, 2020/05/06

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This recording is the life changes I have had to go through due to COVID 19. Not only has my life changed but American society as well. This health crisis has brought lots of fear to lose in high risk of being affected. So staying at home has become the new normal for me and most Americans. #CSUS #HIST15H

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United States of America

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Jocelyn Barragan begins this recording stating how their college life has transitioned to online learning from the traditional in person class style and they describe the challenges faced with that. Then they comment on how places, like Los Angeles, have become a ghost town with the COVID lockdown. Next they comment on mask wear and how social media and news outlets have been conveying negative messages. Jocelyn the brings up California and the recent “stay at home” mandate and how people’s reaction has been to interpret the policy as an infringement to their freedoms. Lastly, Jocelyn suggests that people should focus on the positives.

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Jocelyn Barragan 00:00
Hi, my name is Jocelyn Barragan. Today is May 6. And this is my first blog on accounts of the resource of a journal of the plague year an archive of Coronavirus COVID 2019.

Jocelyn Barragan 00:14
I am a Sacramento State students. So we have currently gone online. And going online, it's, you know, challenges have come up. And it's been difficult to transition, although we've tried hard to enough to and students have done good progress. It's difficult, because I'm, for me, I'm a kinesthetic learner, and I want to ask more questions than I can and you have to zoom and you have to participate. So it can be very difficult to actually participate as much as someone wanted to.

Jocelyn Barragan 00:45
Also, everything is closed. So you go to stores, or you go to places like it seems like a ghost town, there's not much it's really incredible, going to LA or going somewhere and you see, there's literally nothing you can do, or, Hey, do anything practically.

Jocelyn Barragan 01:04
And you have to use masks, and it work because you don't know if your safety is at risk or something. So you have to be very precautious about it. Because social media does present it very harshly. They don't put like the cases that recover, they put my focus more on the deaths and people that haven't so which can become very fearful, especially for me that I'm young. I mean, I can't catch like, I still have probability, but I'm not the one that is affected. Like immediately if this ever comes to me, I can survive, but many others can't. So it's very, it's a very challenging thing to see now in society. You know, everybody's usually doing something but you can't even do much.

Jocelyn Barragan 01:46
Yeah, so school, and politics has become drastic as well. It's become more of a, I don't have my freedom if I'm staying at home, because I live in California. And go, Governor Newsom had passed a stay at home order for people to encourage people to stay home and protect their lives and their children. And people think that's taking away freedom. That though it's a health issue, they make it a political issue, which has been very, very, very in the moment hot the hot topic he can say. So that's very, very scary to think about to that people don't take it seriously and think about it of their freedom. There's a lot of conspiracies of the government doing this. Yeah, it's very interesting. So I don't really watch the news. I read articles on like, you know, I read articles of the, of the speeches that Gavin Newsom gives to the people but don't really focus on too much of, you know, people making it really seem worse than it. It's not diminishing. It's, it's harshness, but to see the positive side in this and not to focus on one side.

Jocelyn Barragan 02:57
So yeah, my daily life I just study. I don't do much. I've been watched every show you can think of on Netflix. I've stayed in my PJs most of the day. And yeah, I don't do much as a college student. It's just classes and studying and, you know, just trying to survive and get past this moment. So yeah, this is my blog.

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