Email exchange between my mother and I

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Email exchange between my mother and I

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This is an email exchange between my mother in Randolph NJ and myself in Taylors, SC. My mother and I have a strained relationship and have only started to communicate again recently in light of the Coronavirus, the fear and uncertainty it has caused, tho I still do not speak with my father or brother. The strained nature of our relationship makes this read almost like a cross between a brief note and a newsletter of current events. It covers so many of the current pressing issues. My mother mentions the schools being closed, being unable to babysit for fear of the virus, fostering cats from the shelter because most animal shelters have closed or severely reduced their indoor kennels and seeking food for those animals from a pet food bank. She also references my son who is in a long term hospital and whom we have been unable to visit since the outbreak.
In my reply I talk about being supported in our need for a substantial plumbing repair by our church community but needing patience because there are just so many people in need right now and express similar about our need to go to a food bank at the moment, stating that I want to make sure that people who really can't get food at the moment are able to and expressing fear that we could be exposed to the virus by interacting with the volunteers who are working on overburdened lines. Additionally I tell her that I have donated money to a local domestic violence agency in her name for Mother's day as they helped me years ago and are suffering from a lack of ability to fundraise at the moment.
The entire exchange covers so many of the ways that our lives have changed and been affected by the pandemic.

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