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Who among us would be directly touched by the virus? We had met regularly to support each other on our fitness journeys prior to the outbreak, providing encouragement and congratulations on minor achievements such as a 5K or 10K race, sprint training, a session of hills. Every member of the Top 10 Running Club is is over 40 and the oldest member is 56. Most are nursing physical injuries. Naturally, virus fatigue also took a toll on members' emotions. Now, separately but together through a group chat, we send the same encouraging messages, but the encouragement has a tint of urgency, more warnings to take care, and I imagine that behind the congratulatory notes for miles accomplished is an other-worldly voice whispering "It could be your last training session." The voice worms into my mind, between my running play list songs, saying "stay away from the walkers, bikers, other runners, steer clear! Pull on your mask! Warning! A child on a bike! Run ..." Where once I ran, I now feel the urge to run away.
The group continues to provide encouragement, nonetheless. I am fighting the fear, so I suggested a 100 mile group run for the month of May. May is the month that signals the start of warmer weather in Northern Indiana and solidarity for ordinary working people in some countries around the world. Safety in numbers, even when apart, feels better, I reasoned. I got a great response from the group working on their goals, and almost every one of the 10 or so members participated. We accomplished the goal by May 11 despite record cold temperatures. I plan to extend the challenge and add others to give us all the will to run past this challenge in our lives.

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