Music Club Quarantine Edition: Whatever Gets You Through the Night

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Music Club Quarantine Edition: Whatever Gets You Through the Night

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We’ve started a music club in almost every location we have lived (from New Mexico to New York). Our current music club is in Hamilton, New York. Whoever hosts a music club picks the theme and all attendees bring two songs to share related to that theme. The theme often aligns with a feeling (music that haunts) or a season (autumn sweater). However, sometimes it's tied to a place or format like last year's ode to the music video hosted at the Hamilton Theater One of the few silver linings of this pandemic has been reconnecting with friends near and far. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring together all of our friends for a globe-spanning, quarantine-themed virtual edition.  The theme for this music club was “whatever gets you through the night.” We wanted to know what songs were getting folks through the night right now, what songs they might always associate with this time. “Whatever” was intentionally vague and open to interpretation. Songs of unbridled joy? A burst of sonically cathartic rage? An extended meditation on melancholy? Whatever.

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Andrew Bales

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