Where is my refund?! #CSUS #HIST15H

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Where is my refund?! #CSUS #HIST15H

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I was given this receipt when I returned my parking permit through an Express Parking Permit Return station in parking lot 7 of my campus. The University Transportation and Parking Services wanted to provide a quick way where students can drop off their permits without getting out of their cars. It was also a way to ease the lines that were forming in front of their office at Lassen Hall since the school announced the transition to online classes.
I went on a Tuesday afternoon, during our transition period where classes were cancelled for four days. The parking lot were pretty packed and the UTAPS people were all wearing masks and gloves. I handed them my permit and they handed me a receipt. I could have completed the refund application and submitted it before school closed down but since this was a first-time occurrence, my Chemistry professor was unsure if we would still have to come in for our labs. I waited and then the chemistry department decided that it would be safer for everyone to stay at home and we would just have to do lab analysis online.
This was the only refund I was worried about since parking permits cost a lot and we were about half way through the semester. However, I remembered since the announcement happened, many students were trying to push for other refunds such as lab fees, the Well facility fees, and any other expenses charged by the university. Some requests were successful while others were not. #CSUS #HIST15H

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