Life at Home

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Life at Home

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Ever since the coronavirus epidemic, my life hasn’t quite been the same. Before governors issued the stay-at-home orders, I was working and had recently started attending college. Everything was good for me and my days were spent living a normal teenage life. Now, everything is closed and I can’t go anywhere. Despite this, I have been surprisingly enjoying my time at home. As a kid I would hate staying home and always wanted to go somewhere to do something. To combat boredom I bought myself a ps4 so that I can play video games with my friends. A lot of my time has been going to my ps4 so it was one of my better investments. Besides playing video games, I have been playing guitar and exercising. These are the fun things I do but there are also the things that I have to do such as cleaning the house and schoolwork. Everyday I balance my time by cleaning the house and doing my homework in the morning. After I finish all my tasks, I then allow myself to do whatever I feel like. I usually finish every night with some exercise and a shower before going to sleep. Staying home all the time has led me to do things I didn’t do before. One thing I have done since the stay-at-home orders is starting a routine for my everyday life. It feels good having a routine as I already know what I have to do and when I must have it done. Of course, there have been some days where I’m lazy and don’t get anything done but I’ve been trying to have less of those. Getting to see my family all the time has been one of the pluses of staying home. I’ve been getting closer to my brothers and sister as well as my father. Whenever I’m bored or can’t find something to do, I’ll hang out or do something with my family. When I feel like going outside I’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood or I’ll go on a hike at the mountains near my house. Sometimes, there's seemingly nothing to satisfy my boredom so I’ll just sleep all day only to wake up at 3 a.m, wishing I didn’t mess up my sleeping schedule. Lucky for me, I have some night owl friends so they’re always down to game or chat at an ungodly hour. It feels like forever since I’ve seen my friends. Talking with them while playing games makes me want to see them even more but it’ll be a while until then. Thankfully, none of my friends or family have gotten the coronavirus. My family and I have been taking precautions to minimize the risk of us getting sick. My dad leaves the house only to work and go shopping but the rest of my family has been isolating. I have several friends who still go out and live life like normal but I know that isolating will stop me from getting my family sick. I wish I could accept all the invitations I’ve gotten to hang out but this is what’s best. Staying at home has its advantages and disadvantages but atleast I have a good home with a loving family and plenty of things I can do to occupy myself. I wonder if when I’m older I’ll even remember the stay-at-home order and the coronavirus. Will this all be something that is mentioned or referenced in future media? Whatever the case, I’m just waiting until the day I can go out and hang out with my friends again.

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