COVID-19 Small Business Impact: Annie's Breakfast & Steaks

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COVID-19 Small Business Impact: Annie's Breakfast & Steaks

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The pandemic has had a severe impact on businesses everywhere, but especially small, local ones with not a lot of financial stability. In some cases, these businesses have had to shut their doors for good, not able to sustain the lack of revenue. In my hometown of Orangevale, the place pictured has been serving the community for over 40 years. Despite much popularity over the years, Annie’s Breakfast & Steaks had to close for good recently.

Since I worked as a busser here for over two years, this closure affects me personally. In addition to working there, I’ve been going to breakfast there since I was four years old. I also know all the waitresses, cooks, bussers, and managers that worked with me. It is tough to see a place that was a hallmark of my hometown close down. I feel that this photo exemplifies the true reality of economic hardship that is being seen all across the country.

As this pandemic goes on, we must understand what the long term economic, psychological, and social effects will be. For every day the lockdowns continue across the country, the future of our society becomes more uncertain. We must stay vigilant, healthy, and safe, but we must also find ways to get back to a sense of normalcy so that businesses like Annie’s don’t suffer a similar fate.

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